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7th Week of CSA

We do have carrots finally! Our early planting has not sized up much, but
our later plantings in looser soil are rapidly catching up. Expect rainbow
carrots soon, as well as our favorite, a French heirloom from the 1800s
called St. Valery. At full size they can be quite bulky, but always crispy
and with cooler weather very sweet; they store very well also.
Golden beets are sizing up as well, and if you hate beets, these may just
convert you to a lover of them. Sweet, tender, and no red stains!
In the field: All of our autumn cole crops have been planted with the
exception of broccoli, which will be planted out tomorrow and again in a
week or so. Also, basil was finally planted today. It should be ready in
2-3 weeks.
In the coming weeks look for the warm season crops: cucumbers, summer
squash and tomatoes. Peppers will not be ready until September, and
unfortunately, due to Starling damage, sweet onions will probably not be
offered until mid to late August.
Finally, we still are offering eggs, so get a $15.00 or $25.00 produce/egg
box. We will do 1/2 dozens as well.
Catch us at the Hawthorne Evening Market this Saturday from 4-7:30pm, you
can pick up your order there as well, just let us know when you order.

6th Week of CSA

Springtail Farm will be at the new Hawthorne Saturday Evening Farmers
Market on SE 39th & Lincoln this Saturday the 12th from 4;30-7pm. Visit
Heather, pick up your order and check out the market. We are the only
produce vendors there this week, the market needs more! We are not certain
whether we will continue to do this market regularly or not yet, only time
will tell. If anyone on this list knows of any small local vegetable
producers looking for a farmer market opportunity, let us know.
The weather has been warm and predicted to get much warmer, which leads me
to mention our next big news item…we have gotten a produce refrigerator.
It will be on our front porch and there will be no more coolers, ice packs
and uncertain vegetable conditions. We’re happy about this, our home fridge
is pretty packed with produce most of the time, so this will definitely be
a valuable asset!
In the field: The garlic is being harvested and prepared for curing. This
will free up space for some autumn crops as well as the rows of compost we
want to start.
In the past week we’ve planted out Napa and Savoy cabbage, collards,
spinach, arugula, mizuna mustards and radishes. Our basil still needs to
get in the ground, and that will probably happen this Friday, or possibly
With the higher temperatures a lot of our heat sensitive greens are
bolting, in particular spinach and arugula. So if you order this, please be
prepared for a possible shortage. Also, radishes and arugula will be much
stronger, especially the radishes! In the coming weeks there will be a
slight gap in spinach, arugula, radishes and romaine lettuce.
Finally, we’re still waiting for our early plantings of carrots to size up.
They were planted in heavy soil and have been slow and erratic in
growth…but soon, really, maybe next week???
Expect bulb fennel, summer squash, cucumbers and carrots in the next 1-3
weeks. Stay cool…and hydrated!

5th Week of CSA

well it definitely feels like summer these days! Inside the greenhouse
where we planted out sweet peppers it reached 120 Fahrenheit…wow!
We have a couple new items this week: cauliflower and baby spinach. The
spinach won’t be baby sized for long, so get it quick. And sorry about the
weird pricing on the cauliflower, but we have set the price this way in
order to ensure a reasonable price per head. I recall last fall harvesting
4-5 lb. heads of cauliflower which would come out to $9-$10 dollars, which
seems unreasonable for 1 head of cauliflower.
Now, peas…we’ve harvested a lot (for us), and have 40 lbs chilling in the
fridge. We’re offering them at $2.75 this week only, so let us know if
you’re interested. Snap peas are wonderful grilled believe it or not. We
grilled some in a vegetable grill basket and they were smoky and sweet and
delicious! They grill great with freshly harvested new potatoes and
cauliflower and are a wonderful dish alone or as a compliment to any
grilled food!
The news in the field is we have all our pea beds cleared and will be
planting out late summer and autumn crops in the next couple weeks. We have
gotten in all our tomatoes and sweet peppers and will be planting out basil
next week.
Look for carrots, beets, red and green cabbage, bunching onions and fresh
garlic in the next 1-3 weeks.
We also are still offering egg/produce boxes for $15 and $25. And again,
all boxes are customizable!
Have a safe 4th, and if you’re leaving town, safe travels and we hope you
have a good time…put back a couple good cold ones for us!

4th Week of CSA

this will be the last order for June, and also the last week peas and
garlic scapes will be offered.
We do have a couple new items this week: Butterhead lettuce and new red and
white potatoes. Unfortunately most of our green Butterhead lettuce has
already bolted, who would have thought we needed shade cloth so early in
the summer!
Anyway, we have red ones, Maules Philadelphia I believe is the variety, and
they seem to be holding well and are young and tender.
We also are offering new Red Norland and Superior potatoes. Superior is an
early white potato, and Red Norland, an early red skinned white fleshed
Expect fresh garlic, cauliflower and bunching onions in the coming weeks.
In the field the last week we’ve gotten our summer squash and tomatoes
planted, our pepper area is prepped and ready to plant tomorrow, as well as
more tomatoes. We will be planting two kinds of Basil in a week: Sweet and
Genovese. Sorry, no Lime, Holy, Large Leaf or Thai varieties. Maybe next
Also, as a side note, by July 14th, the Portland Area CSA Coalition
(PACSAC), will be issuing a consumer oriented monthly email newsletter that
they would appreciate growers/farmers forwarding to their members. If you
are not interested in receiving this, let us know.
Finally, we are still offering $15 and $25 egg/produce boxes, so let us
know as soon as you can if you’re interested.

3rd Week of CSA

Hey all,
I just wanted to email a couple quick things.
After this email all future available produce lists will be coming from
I will be keeping the riseup account as a personal account, but we think
it has become a bit inconsistent with regard to group emails.

The second thing is we will offer $15.00 and $25.00 CSA boxes which include
I have included the message I received from Elaine so people can read
about her practices.
If anyone is interested please contact me by Wednesday.
My apologies to any $10.00 CSA subscribers who are interested in eggs, it
just doesn’t seem like a box of that size would really be worth offering,
but if you would like eggs with a 10.00 box, contact me and we can talk
about it.

Best regards and look for an email from springtailfarm@gmail.com Wednesday
with this weeks available produce.

I was given your name from James Just of Pumpkin Ridge Gardens. I have
him and Moomaw Farms with chicken eggs in the past. I currently have too many
extra efficient hens! I wanted to put the word out to other CSA’s who may
be in
need of eggs. I have a rainbow of colors: Brown, White, Blue, Green, and
> My hens are fed:
> Free graze pasture 100% (they enjoy access to our large barn at night
for shelter
and free range by day)
> Egg Boost Probiotic – digestive enzymes, vitamins and electrolytes to
aid in the
chickens overall health to produce bigger, better, brighter eggs with
> No corn or soy pellet free feed
> Please check out our web site at HerroldStables.com for more

2nd Week CSA

Things are underway in Damascus! Some things better than others though.
For starters, once again our spring planting of broccoli did less than
hoped for. We lost one bed in early May to I don’t know what, and our 2nd
bed has not produced the large heads we’d hoped for. We’re still offering
it on a limited basis, and the greens as well, which have fared much
better than the heads.
The second thing is our newest bed of salad arugula has been damaged by
flea beetles. I have never seen them go after arugula this way before, but
that’s probably because in the past we’ve grown other greens with them
that the flea beetles have found more appealing. Anyway, it will outgrow
the damage and attack, but it will be larger and more suitable for
steaming lightly or braised lightly. But if anyone is interested in baby
arugula with some bb sized holes in it, let us know.
The garlic scapes will be harvested in the next week. These are the flower
stalks on garlic which must be picked in order to divert the plants energy
into the bulb. These can be prepared in any way you would prepare
asparagus. They are also great diced up and used as a garlicky garnish on
salad and in soup. We’ve included a garlic scape recipe in this email for
anyone interested.
Finally, the peas are not at peak yield yet, but there are a lot set and
they must be picked to produce more.
Expect kohlrabi and red new potatoes soon, also maybe yellow.
And just a reminder, CSA subscribers who’ve paid for a part or all of the
season will get priority in ordering limited items. If you’re interested
in a 10, 15 or 25 dollar box of produce and have not paid up front, please
respond to this email to let us know what size you’d like.
Thank you all again for your support of local vegetable production, we
couldn’t do it without you all, no joke!

Garlic Farm Legacy Scape Pesto Recipe

1 cup (or less) freshly grated Parmesan cheese or other sharp Italian cheese
1–2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime or lemon juice, adjusted to taste
1/4 pound roughly chopped scapes
1/2 cup olive oil
salt to taste

Puree scapes, olive oil, and juice in a blender or food processor until
nearly smooth. (You can make a smooth paste if you prefer, but most people
like a little texture in the pesto.) Gently stir in the cheese or gingerly
pulse the cheese into the mixture; take it easy as you mix in the cheese
to avoid making the pesto gummy by overblending. Taste and then adjust
juice and salt to taste.

Store in the refrigerator to use within two or three days; freeze for
longer storage.

CSA Starts!

The CSA produce boxes will begin this week. If you have not already
notified us that you would like a box, please do so this week. I will be
contacting people who’ve expressed interest but have not heard back from
as of yet.
Now, while this is a no commitment CSA, it is still helpful if you can pay
a part, or all, of the fee for a 26 week box this Sunday. If you would
rather just pay week to week, you will have to let us know each Friday
before 12am that you want one. We will not have a box for you if you don’t
let us know! If you’ve already paid, you will have a box each week until
November 30th.
Finally, if you are getting a box, but you do not notify us by Friday
about specific items you do or do not want in it, you will get a random
sampling of that weeks available produce.
I think that’s it about the CSA boxes, now, a little field update: In the
past couple weeks we’ve seeded carrots, beets, greens and autumn crops.
We’ve also planted out the last of our onions, as well as leeks and head
lettuce. In the next 2-3 weeks we’ll be planting summer and winter squash,
sweet peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and basil.
We’ve had a couple cilantro failures/spotty germination, so there may be
none until July.
And expect in the next 1-4 weeks: snow and snap peas, garlic scapes,
kohlrabi, new potatoes, broccoli, and other things I can’t think of right

CSA Benning June 8th

the CSA will begin tentatively next week, June 4th, with pick up being on
June 8th. It will basically be the same thing, with the list being sent on
Wednesday, and that will give CSA subscribers an opportunity to see what
they will be getting, and also the chance to customize their box if
desired, otherwise you will get what we choose.
The early boxes will be less varied, with more spring and hearty greens,
and as the season progresses there will be greater variety and more root
crops, herbs and other later season vegetables.
If you were interested in boxes, please contact us in the next week or so,
or don’t. Springtail Farm is offering the no commitment produce boxes, so
pay as you wish, either week to week or for the entire season, its up to

May Day

wow, here it is May, and it suddenly feels like July!
Speaking of it being May though, just remember, our new CSA/Produce Box
season is starting soon, so if you’re interested, or know someone who
might be, let us know soon. Springtail Farm is one of the few market
gardens in the area doing customized no-commitment CSA shares, so check it
out if that sounds like something you and your family would be into.
Shares are $10.00, $15.00 or $25.00 per week, or $260.00, $390.00 or
$650.00 for an entire 26 week season. The season will probably start the
last week of May or the first week of June and will go through mid

In the field there has been a lot of spring cole crops, carrots and sweet
onions planted. In the next couple days we will be planting potatoes in
Sandy, and in the coming weeks parsley, collards, bunching and storage
onions, beets and more carrots. Look for head lettuce and snow and snap
peas towards the end of this month, as well as our first small plantings
of spinach.

Happy May Day!

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