We do have carrots finally! Our early planting has not sized up much, but
our later plantings in looser soil are rapidly catching up. Expect rainbow
carrots soon, as well as our favorite, a French heirloom from the 1800s
called St. Valery. At full size they can be quite bulky, but always crispy
and with cooler weather very sweet; they store very well also.
Golden beets are sizing up as well, and if you hate beets, these may just
convert you to a lover of them. Sweet, tender, and no red stains!
In the field: All of our autumn cole crops have been planted with the
exception of broccoli, which will be planted out tomorrow and again in a
week or so. Also, basil was finally planted today. It should be ready in
2-3 weeks.
In the coming weeks look for the warm season crops: cucumbers, summer
squash and tomatoes. Peppers will not be ready until September, and
unfortunately, due to Starling damage, sweet onions will probably not be
offered until mid to late August.
Finally, we still are offering eggs, so get a $15.00 or $25.00 produce/egg
box. We will do 1/2 dozens as well.
Catch us at the Hawthorne Evening Market this Saturday from 4-7:30pm, you
can pick up your order there as well, just let us know when you order.