Springtail Farm will be at the new Hawthorne Saturday Evening Farmers
Market on SE 39th & Lincoln this Saturday the 12th from 4;30-7pm. Visit
Heather, pick up your order and check out the market. We are the only
produce vendors there this week, the market needs more! We are not certain
whether we will continue to do this market regularly or not yet, only time
will tell. If anyone on this list knows of any small local vegetable
producers looking for a farmer market opportunity, let us know.
The weather has been warm and predicted to get much warmer, which leads me
to mention our next big news item…we have gotten a produce refrigerator.
It will be on our front porch and there will be no more coolers, ice packs
and uncertain vegetable conditions. We’re happy about this, our home fridge
is pretty packed with produce most of the time, so this will definitely be
a valuable asset!
In the field: The garlic is being harvested and prepared for curing. This
will free up space for some autumn crops as well as the rows of compost we
want to start.
In the past week we’ve planted out Napa and Savoy cabbage, collards,
spinach, arugula, mizuna mustards and radishes. Our basil still needs to
get in the ground, and that will probably happen this Friday, or possibly
With the higher temperatures a lot of our heat sensitive greens are
bolting, in particular spinach and arugula. So if you order this, please be
prepared for a possible shortage. Also, radishes and arugula will be much
stronger, especially the radishes! In the coming weeks there will be a
slight gap in spinach, arugula, radishes and romaine lettuce.
Finally, we’re still waiting for our early plantings of carrots to size up.
They were planted in heavy soil and have been slow and erratic in
growth…but soon, really, maybe next week???
Expect bulb fennel, summer squash, cucumbers and carrots in the next 1-3
weeks. Stay cool…and hydrated!