well it definitely feels like summer these days! Inside the greenhouse
where we planted out sweet peppers it reached 120 Fahrenheit…wow!
We have a couple new items this week: cauliflower and baby spinach. The
spinach won’t be baby sized for long, so get it quick. And sorry about the
weird pricing on the cauliflower, but we have set the price this way in
order to ensure a reasonable price per head. I recall last fall harvesting
4-5 lb. heads of cauliflower which would come out to $9-$10 dollars, which
seems unreasonable for 1 head of cauliflower.
Now, peas…we’ve harvested a lot (for us), and have 40 lbs chilling in the
fridge. We’re offering them at $2.75 this week only, so let us know if
you’re interested. Snap peas are wonderful grilled believe it or not. We
grilled some in a vegetable grill basket and they were smoky and sweet and
delicious! They grill great with freshly harvested new potatoes and
cauliflower and are a wonderful dish alone or as a compliment to any
grilled food!
The news in the field is we have all our pea beds cleared and will be
planting out late summer and autumn crops in the next couple weeks. We have
gotten in all our tomatoes and sweet peppers and will be planting out basil
next week.
Look for carrots, beets, red and green cabbage, bunching onions and fresh
garlic in the next 1-3 weeks.
We also are still offering egg/produce boxes for $15 and $25. And again,
all boxes are customizable!
Have a safe 4th, and if you’re leaving town, safe travels and we hope you
have a good time…put back a couple good cold ones for us!