Hey all,
I just wanted to email a couple quick things.
After this email all future available produce lists will be coming from
I will be keeping the riseup account as a personal account, but we think
it has become a bit inconsistent with regard to group emails.

The second thing is we will offer $15.00 and $25.00 CSA boxes which include
I have included the message I received from Elaine so people can read
about her practices.
If anyone is interested please contact me by Wednesday.
My apologies to any $10.00 CSA subscribers who are interested in eggs, it
just doesn’t seem like a box of that size would really be worth offering,
but if you would like eggs with a 10.00 box, contact me and we can talk
about it.

Best regards and look for an email from springtailfarm@gmail.com Wednesday
with this weeks available produce.

I was given your name from James Just of Pumpkin Ridge Gardens. I have
him and Moomaw Farms with chicken eggs in the past. I currently have too many
extra efficient hens! I wanted to put the word out to other CSA’s who may
be in
need of eggs. I have a rainbow of colors: Brown, White, Blue, Green, and
> My hens are fed:
> Free graze pasture 100% (they enjoy access to our large barn at night
for shelter
and free range by day)
> Egg Boost Probiotic – digestive enzymes, vitamins and electrolytes to
aid in the
chickens overall health to produce bigger, better, brighter eggs with
> No corn or soy pellet free feed
> Please check out our web site at HerroldStables.com for more