Things are underway in Damascus! Some things better than others though.
For starters, once again our spring planting of broccoli did less than
hoped for. We lost one bed in early May to I don’t know what, and our 2nd
bed has not produced the large heads we’d hoped for. We’re still offering
it on a limited basis, and the greens as well, which have fared much
better than the heads.
The second thing is our newest bed of salad arugula has been damaged by
flea beetles. I have never seen them go after arugula this way before, but
that’s probably because in the past we’ve grown other greens with them
that the flea beetles have found more appealing. Anyway, it will outgrow
the damage and attack, but it will be larger and more suitable for
steaming lightly or braised lightly. But if anyone is interested in baby
arugula with some bb sized holes in it, let us know.
The garlic scapes will be harvested in the next week. These are the flower
stalks on garlic which must be picked in order to divert the plants energy
into the bulb. These can be prepared in any way you would prepare
asparagus. They are also great diced up and used as a garlicky garnish on
salad and in soup. We’ve included a garlic scape recipe in this email for
anyone interested.
Finally, the peas are not at peak yield yet, but there are a lot set and
they must be picked to produce more.
Expect kohlrabi and red new potatoes soon, also maybe yellow.
And just a reminder, CSA subscribers who’ve paid for a part or all of the
season will get priority in ordering limited items. If you’re interested
in a 10, 15 or 25 dollar box of produce and have not paid up front, please
respond to this email to let us know what size you’d like.
Thank you all again for your support of local vegetable production, we
couldn’t do it without you all, no joke!

Garlic Farm Legacy Scape Pesto Recipe

1 cup (or less) freshly grated Parmesan cheese or other sharp Italian cheese
1–2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime or lemon juice, adjusted to taste
1/4 pound roughly chopped scapes
1/2 cup olive oil
salt to taste

Puree scapes, olive oil, and juice in a blender or food processor until
nearly smooth. (You can make a smooth paste if you prefer, but most people
like a little texture in the pesto.) Gently stir in the cheese or gingerly
pulse the cheese into the mixture; take it easy as you mix in the cheese
to avoid making the pesto gummy by overblending. Taste and then adjust
juice and salt to taste.

Store in the refrigerator to use within two or three days; freeze for
longer storage.